Osage Hills Equestrian Centers offers full-care boarding for horses of all breeds and disciplines. Your horse will receive the highest level of care, service, and personal attention from the staff.

Boarding includes:

  • Bermuda/native grass mix hay from the farm’s own hay meadow. The hay meadow is carefully managed and is regularly fertilized and sprayed to ensure high-quality hay.
  • Twice daily feeding of quality feed appropriate for your horse.
  • Feeding of owner-provided supplements.
  • Daily turnout in a small group or private setting.
  • Private stall bedded with shavings that’s cleaned daily.
  • Fresh water in pastures and stalls.
  • Blanketing during inclement weather.
  • Fly spray/sheet/mask application.
  • Unlimited use of both arenas.
  • Coordination of vet and farrier services.
  • Horse trailer parking.
  • Additional services, like horse handling for vet or farrier, or application of medicine or treatment for injuries, are available for a small fee.

Full care board: $600/month.